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Purbani has been involved in the textile business for over then forty years. In the early seventies, it emerged in the textile business as a yarn trader. In 1984, the group entered textile manufacturing by acquiring a spinning production line. Today, the group has a 100% export oriented vertically integrated knitted apparel production facility. It uses its spinning units to produce yarn and the yarn is used in the subsequent in-house processes to manufacture fabric and apparel export.

The company has an annual turnover of US$ 150 million and a total investment of US$ 80 million. It is currently employing 7000 people.


It is with a great sense of pride that I am able to introduce Purbani as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premier textile products in Bangladesh. Following our success in textiles, we have diversified our interests to financial and real estate ventures.
Our vision for Purbani is to build a prominent global and local presence, based on improved integration to achieve better synergy and a devoted focus on building and maintaining relationships with its customers, suppliers, principal and employees.